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About MingHao

Guangzhou Ming-hao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the non-standard equipment intelligent automation system integrators. Founded in 2007, the company is located in China Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, under which there are two companies, namely industrial robots and vision sensing assembly Co. Limited.

Ming-hao based Internet +, Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 Industry 4.0, Ming Hao communications equipment acquisition module integration, MES provides real-time information and data equipment, to provide customers with customized intelligent factory of the overall solution; professional R & D team, fine project management processes, sophisticated processing, assembly, commissioning and after-sales professional support for our customers to provide quality products and dedicated service. Current product applications include consumer electronics, FPC multilayer flexible circuit boards, automotive parts, white goods, medical, electronics, environmental protection, hardware assembly, research institutions and other industries.


Since the beginning of entrepreneurship, we have experienced nearly set of wind and rain hard. From obscurity to the forefront of the company's strength in the development of the industry; recorded Ming-ho entrepreneurs struggle footprint, sweat, wise and moving bit by bit.

In 2007 Mr Wen-liang wangFounded Ming hao automation

Mainly equipment automation reforming and equipment trade

In 2009, the r&d team to form

The company determines automation equipment industry development plan, the formation of R & D team and manufacturing plant

Ming hao results set sail in 2010

The company developed multiple customized non-standard automation equipment, laid the foundation for the company's development

Ming hao talent training plan in 2011

With China's 12th Five-Year Plan emphasis on industry, the company ushered in the industry in the spring, the introduction of automation in the field of talent, strengthen market expansion

In 2014, Ming hao specialization of ascension

Companies to system integrators transition from a professional non-standard equipment manufacturers, established a lean non-standard automated production equipment

management processes, independent research and development equipment applied for several patents

In 2015, Ming hao and made in China 2025

The company moved to a new factory, set up a subsidiary robotic assembly applications, participate in trade exhibitions to promote their products, promote trade and technological exchanges

Determine the future development policy in 2016

Internet + based, intelligent manufacturing, industrial 4.0, Ming Hao communication device information collection module provides real-time data integration device, MES, to provide customers with customized intelligent factory of the overall solution.

Science and Technology Innovation Giant Enterprise","High-tech Enterprise" ;Two new invention patents, 10 utility model pate

2017 More standardized management

Through the ISO 9001 system certification, the establishment of a complete scientific ERP management system.