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Talent is the most valuable wealth is Minghao, sustained and rapid development of the cornerstone of the company and the source of power. On the establishment of the company, Minghao attaches great importance to of talent training, in personnel training has a unique set of implementation scheme.

1. Training the concept of talent

Minghao operators think: on the one hand. Enterprises by formation, training talents, intelligence development, is one of the most important topics for business, there is no talent training, there is no enterprise development. On the other hand, people's qualifications, the ability to get the operator appropriate guidance, you can rely on their own efforts to improve and progress.

The aim of cultivating talents in enterprises is to create excellent industry personnel. Enterprises to do so, in a sense is to take on the mission of training talents for the community, through the enterprise internal education, cultivate a noble personality and creativity, responsibility and practical ability. Second, it can encourage enterprises to learn and master the knowledge and skills, so as to ensure the smooth completion of business personnel to work, to adapt to a high level of business technology innovation.

Personnel training system

According to the education and training of different objects, Minghao training mainly divided into the following three categories:

Management personnel training. The purpose of management personnel training is to strengthen the organization and management ability of management personnel, expand their horizons. To promote the young generation of fast into the first line of business management, training them to develop their career and entrepreneurial spirit.

Professional and technical personnel training. The purpose of professional and technical personnel training: first, to promote professional and technical personnel to understand the traditional products and new product knowledge and technical aspects of the basic knowledge. Two is to train professional and technical personnel of commodity planning ability, development ability, production technology ability, sales planning ability, expand the field of vision, improve the ability of comprehensive thinking. Three is to promote the professional and technical personnel to learn cutting-edge technology, in order to avoid product behind the times, lost opportunities.

Sales staff training. The content of the training first is the basic knowledge of the industry, and then the product service knowledge, and finally the knowledge of sales skills. Training process including within the company, and by experienced sales manager personally led training to customers at fieldwork, through our sales training, training personnel can in a short period of time the formal launch of the business.