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Corporate purpose is strive for high efficiency in business, and at the same time, improve the living standards of employees, employees pay hard work, in return, Minghao in addition to the monthly payment of wages, will also for employees to provide other benefits and improve the training and promotion opportunities.

一、 the wage standard

Employee's salary is paid monthly salary of last month, on the 5th month to the bank on behalf of the compensation in the form of payment, in case of rest days or holidays ahead of time to be released.

1、   Post salary

Employee salary = basic wage + performance salary + allowance + bonus (deduct) – deduction

2、   Overtime pay

Overtime hours for the computing unit to calculate the overtime pay, overtime pay 2 times the basic wage

Transfers, appointment and salary adjustment according to the needs of the work and staff development will appear outstanding staff internal transfer, change jobs when the post salary of employees will also be the corresponding change. In assessment of employees to carry out reasonable appointment and removal, Minghao implement fairness, impartiality and openness of the rank evaluation system, evaluation results directly with staff appointment, transfers, changes in wages, work well, motivated employees have promotion opportunities, opportunities in front of everyone equality.

2.   Annual bonus

At the end of each year, as the company's benefit assessment and employee performance in the year to the end of the year award.

Two, working hours and rest and vacation

1.  Work system

Five days 8 hours of work, work time for Monday to Friday morning 8:00 - 12:00 pm 1:15 - 5:15

2.  Legal holiday

Strictly according to the relevant provisions of the state

3.   Marriage holiday

With the age of marriage for employees can enjoy 3 days of marriage

4.  maternity leave

Normal delivery person, give 98 days paid maternity leave, do or give birth to twins, increase maternity leave for 15 days, the number of births per increase one child, increase maternity leave for 15 days, the man to give 10 day care leave

5.  sick leave

Due to their own reasons for the physiological diseases caused by their own needs to rest, sick during the payment of full wages

6.   Work leave

Employees who perform their duties (including occupation hazards) due to disability or illness, according to the relevant provisions of the state subsidy implementation

7.   Funeral

Employee relatives died, you can enjoy the paid funeral leave 1-3 days

8.  Artificial abortion

Employees are less than 4 months of pregnancy abortion, can enjoy 20 days paid abortion, 4 months or more, can enjoy 40 days paid abortion

9.  Annual leave

In 1 years of working staff to take 7 days of paid annual leave

Three, the annual tourism, entertainment programs

The company regularly organizes the staff to travel within and outside the province every year, as well as the monthly group programs, such as: basketball, badminton, dinner, KTV, etc., to enrich the work of the staff of the entertainment life

Four, other

Daily bus transfer staff to work, noon meal