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TroggBall, The

TroggBall, The "WP"

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The "WP" is a working TroggBall...it is a wooden version.  With only one side machined smooth, the reverse has the TroggBall "Original Logo" Design inset into the wood.  The wood is Cherry, and is very smoothly designed.  These TroggBalls are very light, and perform well...however, please take into consideration the factors of this being wooden instead of recycled plastic.  There is a performance difference.  Some say better, other people say you can't tell the difference, there is no size difference.  I don't know...but I like it!  This is one for your collection!  This is your one-time opportunity to own one of the WPs...Wooden Prototypes, our supplies are limited, and once these are gone they will no longer be produced. 1 per order.  (Note, the large TroggBall Display is not for sale.)